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Are you worried because your child is not getting their work done??

Does it feel like you child is always in trouble??

Are you struggling with the overwhelm of raising an anxious child?

Have you tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need help from someone else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have made the right choice by being here.

The last few years have been hard on mental health. There has been a lot of uncertainty and conflict that has been difficult to resolve. We want to provide services to you that support and improve the mental health of our clients.

We are confident that together we can work to help equip you with the necessary tools to help you face and overcome these challenges. Whether you're struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Focus and Attention, or Angry Outbursts, it is important that you know you don't have to be alone in this journey. We have the experience to help you achieve your goals, overcome these struggles, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

We understand no two individuals are the same, and we tailor our sessions together to address challenges unique to you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address those issues with long-lasting strategies, helping you get closer to the life you've always wanted.

If you're ready to work towards the life you've always wanted, We ready when you are. Contact us today and let's get to work.

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• Achieve your goals

• and live authentically

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About Esther

Esther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Ohio. She is a registered Play Therapist. Though her passion is children, she also works with adults who feel stuck and are looking to find hope and joy in their lives.


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